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Turkey Cabbage Stew Recipe-Served in Bowl With Bread and Sour Cream

Turkey Cabbage Stew Recipe 

The turkey cabbage stew recipe with smoked bacon and tomato passata Inspired by a Hungarian recipe, it is perfect for a family dinner or lunch and will delight you with its taste and consistency. It is a filling but at the same time healthy food…

Dutch Oven Turkey Tenderloin Recipe-Served on Plate With Fresh Tagliatelle

Dutch Oven Turkey Tenderloin Recipe 

Dutch oven turkey tenderloin recipe with sautéed onions, served with pasta or mashed potatoes have always been a favourite of my children, and I cook it very often even now. It is the simplicity of this recipe, with the delicious slices of meat that melt…

Best Turkey Cacciatore Recipe-Served on Plate With Mashed Potatoes

Best Turkey Cacciatore Recipe 

Today I will try to bring you Italian flavours in the kitchen, with a recipe that will surely delight you with its taste. I will show you step by step how to make, in my opinion, the best turkey cacciatore recipe, with olives, mushrooms, peppers…

Best Homemade Beef Stroganoff Recipe-Served on Plate With Polenta

Best Homemade Beef Stroganoff Recipe 

For a romantic dinner for two or a quick and delicious menu for guests, this is a perfect choice, the best homemade beef stroganoff recipe, served with creamy polenta and a glass of beer. As simple as the recipe is, full of flavours and a…

Creamy Pork Stew Recipe 1

Creamy Pork Stew Recipe 

If you want to delight your family with an extraordinary dinner, I recommend you try it the creamy pork stew recipe, which next to a perfect polenta is heaven on earth. This type of stew with creme fraiche or sour cream is not missing from…

Easy Homemade Refried Beans Recipe-Served With Fried Onions

Easy Homemade Refried Beans Recipe 

I propose for you a vegetarian dinner, an easy homemade refried beans recipe, served with sauteed onion and fresh bread, and with some pickles next to it. It is a simple recipe and can be made very quickly, especially if we use canned beans. Being…

Quick Creamed Spinach Recipe - Served on Plate With Fried Egg

Quick Creamed Spinach Recipe 

A dish that I remember as a child and that was also my children’s favourite is the quick creamed spinach recipe, with milk, bread crumbs and served with a fried egg. If your children do not want to eat spinach, I urge you to cook…

Creamy Homemade Chicken Stew Recipe -Served on Plate With Fusilli Pasta

Creamy Homemade Chicken Stew Recipe 

Today I give you a menu idea for dinner or lunch, namely a delicious creamy homemade chicken stew recipe, with mushrooms and cream and served with fusilli pasta. It is a recipe that I cook quite often because it is very tasty and loved by…

Beef and Cabbage Stew Recipe-Served on Plate With Sour Cream on the Top

Beef and Cabbage Stew Recipe 

Because I like to improvise in the kitchen and invent new recipes, today I show you how to make a beef and cabbage stew recipe, step by step, and a little different than you are used to. It will result, you will see, in a…

Simple Pork Tenderloin Stew Recipe-Served With Penne Pasta

Simple Pork Tenderloin Stew Recipe 

Today I decided to show you step by step how to cook a simple pork tenderloin stew recipe and which we will serve with pasta. Will be tender and so delicious! In this recipe, we will focus on the meat and we will not use…

World Best Ratatouille Recipe-Served on Plate

World Best Ratatouille Recipe 

For vegetarians but not only, I invite you to taste the world best ratatouille recipe, with many vegetables, as is the original version. It is a delicious summer dish, which can be consumed both as a main course and as a side dish in addition…

Best Turkey Stew Recipe-Served on Plate With Paste

Best Turkey Stew Recipe 

In my opinion, the best turkey stew recipe is the one with influences from Hungarian cuisine, with paprika and mushrooms, and served with pasta. You lick your fingers so good and delicious it is! Turkey meat can be a healthier alternative to chicken if you…

Hungarian Hunter's Stew Recipe-Served on Plate With Pasta

Hungarian Hunter’s Stew Recipe 

Today I present to you step by step how to prepare the Hungarian hunter’s stew recipe, in my version. This recipe is an explosion of flavours, with a unique taste that you will surely fall in love with. This Hungarian recipe is based on beef…

Best Vegetable Stew Recipe-Served With Fresh Bread

Best Vegetable Stew Recipe-Hungarian Lecsó 

If you want to eat something easy and healthy, I present you the best vegetable stew recipe, as I usually do, the Hungarian lecsó. This is a simple and fast recipe, with several variants. There is a simple option, only from vegetables and which is…

Creamy Mushrooms Pasta Recipe-Served On Plate With Pasta

Best Creamy Mushroom Pasta Recipe 

The best creamy mushroom pasta recipe is a great idea for a delicious dinner, next to a glass of white wine. So tasty! Let’s See the Ingredients For this recipe, I used about 500 g mushrooms, two medium-sized onions, and one red bell pepper. For added…

Best Homemade Beef Stew Recipe-Served With Mashed Potatoes on the Plate

Best Homemade Beef Stew Recipe 

I asked myself the following question: What is the best homemade beef stew recipe?  For me it was the one that was made in my family after a Hungarian recipes. Is with pepper and paprika powder and with the tastes and aromas that we were…