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Vegan Cabbage And Pasta Recipe-Served on Plate With Ground Pepper

Vegan Cabbage And Pasta Recipe 

The vegan cabbage and pasta recipe it is my choice for lunch, an easy and delicious dish, a recipe and a combination of two ingredients specific to Eastern Europe. In our culinary culture, we have countless recipes with pasta, along with a specific ingredient such…

Pasta With Pork Mince-Served on Plate With Grated Grana Padano on Top

Pasta with Pork Mince, Mushrooms and Double Cream 

This recipe is one of our kids’ favourites, and I’ve always had for lunch and for dinner. Pasta with pork mince it’s not a recipe from Transylvania, but I used some flavours and Hungarian ingredients like sweet paprika, paprika cream, and double cream because they…