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Best Meat Jelly Recipe-Served on Plate With Red Onions
Meat Recipes

Best Meat Jelly Recipe 

In our family, the winter holidays, especially Christmas, are an opportunity to gather the whole family around the table and enjoy delicious dishes specific to the period. One of them is this, in my opinion, the best meat jelly recipe, with vegetables, pork and turkey…

Oven Baked Turkey Legs Recipe-Served With Mashed Potatoes and Red Cabbage
Meat Recipes

Oven Baked Turkey Legs Recipe 

With my oven baked turkey legs recipe, I always managed to make the perfect dinner for my family, and served with mashed potatoes and red cabbage, it leaves your mouth watering. It is an easy recipe, available to anyone, and can be modified in different…

Basic Easy Meatloaf Recipe-Served on Plate With Boiled Potatoes
Meat Recipes

Basic Easy Meatloaf Recipe 

I thought I’d show you how to do it step by step the basic easy meatloaf recipe, stuffed with cheddar cheese, yellow bell pepper and kapia pepper, a delicious dinner. It is a recipe loved by everyone and well known, in countless variations, this being…

The Best Turkey Meatloaf Recipe-Served on Plate With Toast and Cherry Tomatoes
Meat Recipes

The Best Turkey Meatloaf Recipe 

After many attempts and changes, I found the best turkey meatloaf recipe, from boiled turkey drumsticks and fresh vegetables. It is a continuation of a previous recipe, world best turkey soup recipe, from which I took out the turkey drumsticks and used them to make…