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Best Stuffed Collar Greens Recipe-Served With Sour Cream
Meat Recipes

Best Stuffed Collard Greens Recipe 

Today, during the shopping, I decided to present you the best stuffed collard greens recipe, as is done in Transylvania. This recipe has many variants, instead of collard greens. We can use grape leaves, mangold leaves or horseradish leaves, all are delicious. What ingredients will…

cabbage casserole recipe served with sour cream
Meat Recipes

Delicious Cabbage Casserole Recipe 

Cabbage casserole recipe is an alternative to stuffed cabbage rolls. This recipe has many variations for all tastes, which I will exemplify in this post. Cabbage Casserole Recipe Variations Like the stuffed cabbage, cabbage casserole two basic variants, made from picked cabbage and fresh cabbage….