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Battered Fried Zucchini-Served on Slab With Garlic Cream and Cheddar Cheese

Battered Fried Zucchini

A tasty appetizer or an afternoon snack, battered fried zucchini can be any of them, especially if you have a delicious garlic dip and a glass of cold beer. Together with the Mediterranean roasted eggplant recipe and the best breaded eggplant recipe are the family’s favourites on hot summer evenings. For those who have a …

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Meatloaf Pate Recipe-Meatloaf Pate Recipe-Two Slices of Bread Spread With Pate

Meatloaf Pate Recipe

Try this tasty meatloaf pate recipe, and you will have to get delicious pork, turkey, and vegetable spread ideal for breakfast or as an appetizer for dinner. Meat pate have many variants all over the world, this is a recipe I learned from my grandparents, and I adapted and modernized it according to my tastes. …

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Zucchini Balls Recipe-Served on Plate With Yoghurt Dip

Zucchini Balls Recipe

Try my fried zucchini balls recipe served with yoghurt dip if you want a delicious appetizer before the main course or if you are ovo-vegetarian it is an idea for dinner. These vegetable balls can be made in different ways and with different ingredients, I tried to use these zucchini in other recipes than ratatouille …

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