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Make a Blog-On the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

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Before we cook, I’ll tell you how I started building my Timea’s Kitchen site, how I started to make a blog on Wealthy Affiliate platform.

How I Make a Blog on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform?

Of course, for a long time, I have decided to build my own site, in a field that represents me, which I like and where I write and post with pleasure. But every time I hit the same problem: how to actually build the site, technically speaking what I have to do.

And when my husband began to explain and teach me words such as the domain, hosting, WordPress. plugins, themes, posts, links, SEO …., I felt like losing myself. All of this was supposed to take them separately, to document, to learn about them …, a madness.

When my husband realised these terms were a bit far from me, he came up with a saving idea: do all this on He told me to sign up on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and I will find everything I need to achieve my dream: to have my own site.

And the surprise: I really found everything I needed.

What did I found?

First of all, I found a great community, people like me. Bloggers and site owners, in different online domains, many beginners like me. And of course many experienced and senior in the field, ready to help you at any time. It was a great sensation.

Here’s a series of courses on how to build a blog or an online business step by step. We’ve found dozens of video tutorials about all the steps I need to make, from business idea to actual practice. As well a lot of answers to a number of unclear things before I start.

Here I bought my first domain and took care of everything related to hosting, site security, WordPress installation.

I have access to Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix), Keyword Research Tool (Jaaxy), SiteContent Writing Platform, and Website Engagement Platform (SiteComments).

After completing the online course, and taking the step-by-step tutorials, I’ve received Online Entrepreneur Certification.


If there are people who want to start a blog and do not know how to do it, I warmly recommend the platform. I expect you in the virtual world to blogging together.

Make a Blog-Wealthy Affiliate Starter Link


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.