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World Best Ratatouille Recipe-Served on Plate

World Best Ratatouille Recipe 

For vegetarians but not only, I invite you to taste the world best ratatouille recipe, with many vegetables, as is the original version. It is a delicious summer dish, which can be consumed both as a main course and as a side dish in addition…

Best Breaded Eggplant Recipe-Served on the Plate
Side Dishes

Best Breaded Eggplant Recipe 

I recommend a beloved appetizer, with Mediterranean origins, namely the best breaded eggplant recipe, with breadcrumbs and cheddar cheese. In this area, eggplant is a very popular vegetable and appear in countless recipes, from eggplant casserole ( moussaka ) to eggplant dip or to ratatouille….

Best Easy Apple Cake Recipe-Served on the Plate

Best Easy Apple Cake Recipe 

When I want something sweet and comforting, I remember the cakes of my childhood. I thought I’d do it and show you too the best easy apple cake recipe, with cinnamon and fresh apples. After I showed you non-baking recipes like raspberry cheesecake or frying…

The Best Greek Salad Recipe-Served in a Bowl
Salads, Side Dishes

The Best Greek Salad Recipe 

With the thought of the Mediterranean holidays, I invite you to make it together, the best Greek salad recipe. It is delicious, comforting and very easy to make. On our blog, you will find other delicious salad recipes, such as spaghetti salad or potato salad,…