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Best Sauteed Savoy Cabbage Recipe

The best sauteed savoy cabbage recipe follows this week, with potatoes and paprika powder, a delicious side dish along with any variant of breaded meat or meatballs. This is a recipe often found in Hungarian cuisine, and in this version, it was made by my family. Savoy cabbage is the perfect choice for this recipe, …

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Best-Breaded Eggplant Recipe

I recommend a beloved appetizer with Mediterranean origins, the best-breaded eggplant recipe, breadcrumbs, and cheddar cheese. In our area, eggplant is a trendy vegetable and appears in countless recipes, from eggplant casserole ( moussaka ) to eggplant dip or ratatouille. Usually, eggplant recipes do not require a long cooking time and have a pleasant texture. And our recipe today …

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