The turkey cabbage stew recipe with smoked bacon and tomato passata Inspired by a Hungarian recipe, it is the perfect dish for a family dinner.



Frying Onion and Bacon

Heat the oil in a pot and stir the chopped onion over medium heat for 1 minute. Season with salt, add the bacon and fry for two minutes.

Frying Turkey Meat

Add the diced bell pepper and the sweet pepper paste. After one minute, add the turkey meat cut into cubes and fry for about two minutes.

Simmering Turkey Stew

Season with ground pepper, ground caraway, paprika, tomato paste and tomato passata. Add the hot water and simmer for about fifteen minutes.

Add the Cabbage

Add the sliced cabbage over the stew, season with a vegetable mix, dried savory, and sugar without adding water.

Turkey Cabbage Stew is Ready

Add the chopped dill and simmer for another forty minutes until the water drops and the cabbage cooks. Taste if you need more salt.

Serving the Stew

Serve hot, with fresh bread and sour cream on top. You can add a little chopped chilli and a glass of cold beer.