This simple tuna and pasta salad recipe, with cucumber and lettuce, is a perfect dish for a quick and delicious lunch or dinner.



Lettuce in the Bowl

Put the washed bistro salad mix (shredded beetroot, lambs lettuce, apollo lettuce) in the mixing bowl; it will add colour to the salad.

Add the Cucumber

Over the salad mix, add the previously cut cucumbers into small cubes, giving a refreshing and fresh taste to the salad.

Add the Vegetables

Will cut the spring onions and the sweet red bell pepper into small pieces and add to the salad mix and cucumber into a bowl.

Tuna and Popcorn

Then add the canned tuna with the sunflower oil and the canned corn, which you are strained from its liquid in advance.

Add the Penne Pasta

Season with sea salt, ground pepper and dried oregano. Add the cooked and drained pasta, chopped chives and the juice from a lemon, and mix slightly.

Serving the Dish

On a flat plate, serve at room temperature, sprinkled with the remaining chives chopped on top and a glass of white wine.