This strawberry mousse recipe without gelatin is my recommendation for a light dessert enjoyed on hot summer days.

Few Ingredients

You will need 1 lb of fresh and fragrant strawberries for six servings, a cup of sugar and egg whites from a large-size egg.

Strawberry and Sugar

Put the strawberry pieces in a mixing bowl, and pour the sugar over them. With an electric hand mixer, start beating for about 30 seconds.

Add the Egg White

Now add the egg whites and continue to mix at medium to high speed for about 2-3 minutes; in this time, the strawberries will crush completely.

Strawberry Foam

Depending on the size of the egg and how are you mixed, the time may vary but is ready when you get a foam that retains its shape.

Serving the Mousse

Put the mousse in the fridge for 30 minutes because the foam is more comfortable if consumed cold, decorate with strawberries and serve it.