With the thought of the Mediterranean holidays, I invite you to make it together, the best Greek salad recipe, in the pure traditional style.



Make a Dressing

Pour the extra virgin olive oil into a bowl and squeeze the lemon juice. Season with sea salt, freshly ground pepper and dried oregano.

Add Sliced Onion

Clean a medium-sized red onion, cut it into four pieces, slice it and add to the mixing bowl in the dressing.

Add Sliced Cucumber

Cut the cucumber into two, hollow out the core with a spoon and slice it. Add it in the bowl over the onion and mix gently.

Add Sliced Tomatoes

Slice the tomatoes to be approximately equal to those of cucumber slices, then add to the mixing bowl over the onion and cucumber.

Add Olives and Feta Cheese

In the end, add crushed feta cheese and the whole olives without seeds, mix again easily, and it's ready to serve it.

Serving the Salad

It recommends consuming it as a vegetarian salad or a side dish with pork steaks or beef steaks, roasted chicken legs, or sweet chicken wings.