These easy fried pork liver recipe served with garlic sauce and mashed potatoes are the ideal option for a tasty dinner with your loved family.



Milk Soaked Liver

Put the slices of liver in a bowl and pour a cup of milk on them, which I let them soak for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator.

Livers on Paper Towel

After being soaked in milk, take out the liver slices and dry them very well on a kitchen towel.

Seasoned Pork Liver

Season the liver only with freshly ground black pepper without adding sea salt because it is better to salt it at the end.

Frying Livers in the Pan

It is essential not to fry the liver too much, only a minute or two on each side on medium heat until it acquires a copper colour.

Fried Livers in the Bowl

After the liver is fried, take them out in a bowl, season with sea salt, after which continue to fry the rest of the liver.

Garlic Sauce

Season the crushed garlic with sea salt and ground pepper, mix with sunflower oil until we get a softer paste, then add the Greek yoghurt.

Serving the Fried Liver

Serve it hot with this delicious garlic sauce and mashed potatoes, but you can also use other side dishes such as French fries, rice, polenta or various salads.