In my opinion, the best fish soup recipe is the Hungarian fisherman’s soup, cooked from river fish and with a lot of onions and paprika powder. 



Fish Pieces in the Pot

Take a large soup pot and the fish head, tail, and fins in the bottom of this place.

All Ingredients in the Pot

Put the sliced onions, add the tomatoes and the sweet pepper, season with sea salt and peppercorns, fill with cold water, and boil for two hours.

Pass Through a Sieve

After it has boiled, let it cool a bit, then pass this soup through a sieve. Try with a spoon to mix it to press the solid part through the sieve.

Fish Stock in the Pot

Add the Hungarian sweet paprika to the fish stock, pour it back into the pot and boil it, but because it is a fish concentrate, add water to dilute it.

Fisherman's Soup in the Pot

When the soup starts to boil, add the fish fillets and steaks, season with chilli flakes, salt and pepper and simmer for another 10-15 minutes.

Serving the Soup

The fisherman’s soup is served hot, with more fresh or jarred chilli peppers and fresh bread.