PAN-FRIED BEEF            STEAK           


I'll show you how to do an easy pan-fried steak recipe with garlic and thyme, accompanied by a special salad with tomatoes and cucumbers.

season the steaks


Slices of meat should be dried well with a kitchen towel. Season the sirloin steaks with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.



In the non-stick pan, heat the olive oil until it starts to smoke. Put the sirloin steaks to fry for one minute.

fry to another side


Turn the meat slices and fry them on the other side for another minute on high temperature..

baste the steaks


Melt the butter, add the garlic and the thyme on medium heat. Baste the meat with butter and fry for one minute on each side.

rest the meat


Remove the meat to a plate and rest for at least three to four minutes. Pour over the melted butter from the pan.

serving the pan-fried                beef steak


Put the salad on plate over which place the steak and pour a spoonful of melted butter on a plate.