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The Best Russian Cheesecake Recipe

For all cheesecakes lovers, I will teach you how to make the best Russian cheesecake recipe, a recipe as simple as it is delicious, with raisins and glace cherries. Although it requires baking, this recipe can be tried by any beginner in dessert recipes. The Russian cheesecake ( Vatrushka ) is an Eastern European recipe, …

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Sweet Fried Semolina Pudding Recipe

This weekend I present a dessert that marked my childhood, a sweet fried semolina pudding recipe. I don’t think it’s a kid who doesn’t like semolina pudding, sprinkled over with sugar and cinnamon, or with cocoa powder. This recipe is actually a continuation of the remaining semolina pudding, the day after it has hardened. My …

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Cottage Cheese Donuts-Transylvanian Recipe

A delight in Sunday afternoons was to eat delicious cottage cheese donuts made after our grandmother’s recipe and served with raspberry or apricots jam. This recipe is found in both Hungarian and Transylvanian cuisine as “turofank”. It’s a recipe that’s easy to make and fast but is so tasty. Ingredients I used the following ingredients: …

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