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Strawberry Mousse Recipe Without Gelatin-Served in Bowl With Strawberry on Top

Strawberry Mousse Recipe Without Gelatin 

This strawberry mousse recipe without gelatin is my recommendation for a light dessert enjoyed on hot summer days. Made from fresh seasonal fruits and in a very short time, it is the ideal dessert for families with children and for housewives who do not want…

Best Cottage Cheese Dumplings-Served on Plate With Cream Fresh

Best Cottage Cheese Dumplings 

Today I invite you to cook a recipe that marked my childhood, namely the best cottage cheese dumplings, served with sweet vanilla crème Fraiche a perfect dessert that has always been successful, especially for children. It is a dessert that does not require baking, is…

Floating Island Cake Recipe-Served on Plate

Floating Island Cake Recipe 

If you want a simple and special dessert that you can enjoy on weekend evenings, try the floating island cake recipe which I show you step by step here. Containing as a base light and fluffy sponge cake, creamy vanilla cream with whipped cream on…

Easy Black Forest Cake Recipe-Cake Slice Served on the Plate

Easy Black Forest Cake Recipe 

Let’s solve the cake problem for any anniversary today with this easy black forest cake recipe which, although I have simplified it a lot, is particularly delicious with lots of fresh cream and cherries. Even if until now you did not have the courage to…

Apple Shortcrust Pastry Recipe-Served on the Platter With Icing Sugar

Apple Shortcrust Pastry Recipe 

Today I will show you how to make a quick and tasty dessert, we will make an apple shortcrust pastry recipe, a delicious apple strudel. Because everyone likes apple cakes and because I had some shortcrust pastry in the fridge, I thought that this recipe…

Traditional Baked Cheesecake Recipe-Served on Plate

Traditional Baked Cheesecake Recipe 

In memory of childhood, today we will make a traditional baked cheesecake recipe, as our grandmothers did to us and I remember they were very delicious. It will be based on the dough with butter, over which we put a layer of cream cheese with…

The Best Russian Cheesecake Recipe - Served on Plate With Grapes

The Best Russian Cheesecake Recipe 

For all cheesecakes lovers, I will teach you how to make the best Russian cheesecake recipe, a recipe as simple as it is delicious, with raisins and glace cherries. Although it requires baking, this recipe can be tried by any beginner in dessert recipes. The…

Best Simple Bread Pudding Recipe 1

Best Simple Bread Pudding Recipe 

I remembered today, to show you one of the oldest dessert recipes that my grandmother made, a little modernized, thus becoming the best simple bread pudding recipe. As simple and cheap as it is, so tasty, and I recommend you try it. Together with the…

Easy Cinnamon Apple Pancakes Recipe-Served on Plate With Maple Syrup and Strawberry

Easy Cinnamon Apple Pancakes Recipe 

Let me show you one of the first desserts I learned to make, namely an easy cinnamon apple pancakes recipe and which we will serve with maple syrup and strawberries. It is a delicious dessert that is prepared in a relatively short time, but it…

Best Sweet Cornbread Recipe in a World-Served on Plate With Honey

Best Sweet Cornbread Recipe in a World 

One day I remembered an old recipe, which marked my childhood and which I want to share with you. Is about the best sweet cornbread recipe in a world, with cottage cheese and yoghurt, so delicious. As you know cornbread is made from cornmeal and…

Best Easy Apple Cake Recipe-Served on the Plate

Best Easy Apple Cake Recipe 

When I want something sweet and comforting, I remember the cakes of my childhood. I thought I’d do it and show you too the best easy apple cake recipe, with cinnamon and fresh apples. After I showed you non-baking recipes like raspberry cheesecake or frying…

Best Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe-Cheesecake Slice on the Plate With Raspberry Jam on the Top

Best Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe 

Follow my blog with Bloglovin For those who love sweets, I present to you the best raspberry cheesecake recipe, a delicious and easy to make cake. The cheesecake is a very popular recipe and can be made with different types of fruit or chocolate. I finally…

Sweet fried semolina pudding served with cherry jam

Sweet Fried Semolina Pudding Recipe 

This weekend I present a dessert that marked my childhood, sweet fried semolina pudding recipe. I don’t think it’s a kid who doesn’t like semolina pudding, sprinkled over with sugar and cinnamon, or with cocoa powder. This recipe is actually a continuation of the remaining…

Cream cheese filling crepes

Cream Cheese Filling Crepes Recipe 

Because I felt the need to eat something sweet, I thought to show you how I make the cream cheese filling crepes recipe. It is an easy, fast recipe that is delicious and can be served in many variations. Do You Need Some Crepes Filling…

cottage cheese donuts served with raspberry jam

Cottage Cheese Donuts-Transylvanian Recipe 

A delight in Sunday afternoons was to eat delicious cottage cheese donuts made after our grandmother’s recipe and served with raspberry or apricots jam. This recipe is found in both Hungarian and Transylvanian cuisine as “turofank”. It’s a recipe that’s easy to make and fast…