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Pork meatball with vegetable soup

Pork Meatballs Vegetable Soup-Step by Step 

Today we will prepare another basic Transylvanian cuisine recipe step by step, a tasty pork meatballs vegetable soup. About the Pork Meatballs Vegetable Soup Recipe In international cuisine, there are countless meatballs soup recipes in different flavors. But in our family and generally in Transylvania,…

polenta of cornflour
Side Dishes

Easy Polenta Recipe 

One of the favourite side dishes for Transylvanian recipes is polenta. Although it is a Romanian recipe, many Transylvanian Hungarians have introduced it to their menu. In many places in the country, it is consumed instead of bread. There are many types of polenta recipes,…

Romaine Lettuce Soup Recipe 15

Romaine Lettuce Soup Recipe 

Today we offer you a delicious romaine lettuce soup recipe, as it is done in Transylvania, with scrambled eggs and fried bacon, and served with sour cream. I recommend you to try this easy and tasty soup recipe, as was always done in our family….

Cabbage Soup With Pork Meat-Served in Bowl With Fresh Bread

Cabbage Soup With Pork Meat 

Today I decided to make a recipe, a special cabbage soup with pork meat, one of my family’s favourites. It is a Hungarian recipe and is very common in Transylvania under the name “lucskos kaposzta”, a thicker cabbage soup. In our kitchen is a basic…

Chicken Stew with Mushrooms and Sour Cream

Chicken Stew With Mushrooms and Sour Cream 

One of the basic recipes in the Transylvanian cuisine is the delicious chicken stew with mushrooms and sour cream served with pasta. The original name of the recipe is “csirkepaprikas” whose translation would be chicken stew. In this dish, the basic flavour is sweet paprika,…