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Author: Timea

Best Healthy Cauliflower Soup Recipe-Served in Bowl With Sour Cream

Best Healthy Cauliflower Soup Recipe 

After many attempts to introduce cauliflower in the family menu, I succeeded with this recipe, which in my opinion is the best healthy cauliflower soup recipe, with carrots and served with sour cream. Like the best creamed cauliflower recipe, this is a recipe that I…

Grilled Eggplant Dip Recipe-Served With Bread and Tomatoes

Grilled Eggplant Dip Recipe 

During the summer, nothing was more delicious than a sandwich spread with aubergine dip, that’s why I’m showing you now how to make the grilled eggplant dip recipe, how we cooked it in Transylvania. I really like eggplant recipes, that’s why I make them very…

The Best Russian Cheesecake Recipe - Served on Plate With Grapes

The Best Russian Cheesecake Recipe 

For all cheesecakes lovers, I will teach you how to make the best Russian cheesecake recipe, a recipe as simple as it is delicious, with raisins and glace cherries. Although it requires baking, this recipe can be tried by any beginner in dessert recipes. The…

Quick Creamed Spinach Recipe - Served on Plate With Fried Egg

Quick Creamed Spinach Recipe 

A dish that I remember as a child and that was also my children’s favourite is the quick creamed spinach recipe, with milk, bread crumbs and served with a fried egg. If your children do not want to eat spinach, I urge you to cook…