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Best Mushroom Soup Recipe-Served in Bowl

Best Mushroom Soup Recipe 

In my opinion, the best mushroom soup recipe is the one from the Hungarian cuisine with pieces of mushrooms and small homemade egg noodle, a real delight. Made from chestnut mushrooms that are a little more flavorful than the white ones and adding a few…

Tuna Corn Salad Recipe-Served in Bowl and With a Glass of Beer

Tuna Corn Salad Recipe 

An idea of an easy lunch menu that can be made easily and quickly would be the tuna corn salad recipe with red onion, dill and without mayonnaise. It is a simpler version of the tuna and pasta salad recipe and in which we will…

Best Cottage Cheese Dumplings-Served on Plate With Cream Fresh

Best Cottage Cheese Dumplings 

Today I invite you to cook a recipe that marked my childhood, namely the best cottage cheese dumplings, served with sweet vanilla crème Fraiche a perfect dessert that has always been successful, especially for children. It is a dessert that does not require baking, is…

Easy Potato Moussaka Recipe-Served on Plate
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Easy Potato Moussaka Recipe 

This easy potato moussaka recipe brings a Greek recipe to Transylvanian cuisine combining Mediterranean flavours with Romanian ones. Compared to the best eggplant casserole recipe, I will make it from potatoes to which I will add minced pork and an impressive amount of tomato sauce….

Mediterranean Cabbage Salad Recipe-Served in Bowl

Mediterranean Cabbage Salad Recipe 

This Mediterranean cabbage salad recipe, if you try it, will become one of your favourite salads and will not be missing from the table when cooking meat dishes. Whether you cook an easy pan-fried steak or an oven-baked pork steak or make a creamy homemade…

Dutch Oven Turkey Tenderloin Recipe-Served on Plate With Fresh Tagliatelle

Dutch Oven Turkey Tenderloin Recipe 

Dutch oven turkey tenderloin recipe with sautéed onions, served with pasta or mashed potatoes have always been a favourite of my children, and I cook it very often even now. It is the simplicity of this recipe, with the delicious slices of meat that melt…

Butter Beans Salad Recipe-Serving in Bowl With Fresh Bread

Butter Beans Salad Recipe 

Want a quick and tasty salad idea? Try the butter beans salad recipe, a simple dish with red onions and sundried tomatoes, perfect for a quick lunch or as a side dish with meatballs or breaded chops. It is a healthy recipe that can be…

Best Homemade Guacamole Recipe-Served in Bowl With Crackers

Best Homemade Guacamole Recipe 

This is in my opinion the best homemade guacamole recipe, due to the simplicity and quality of the ingredients but also due to the perfect balance of flavours. Guacamole dip is an ideal appetizer served with tortilla chips, crackers or even toast, and with a…